Sunday, November 15, 2009

*NEW* vintage scrolly borders!!

(6) 4x6 "borders" with clipping masks
~300 ppi (there is white background around each border--so the borders themselves are slightly smaller than 300 ppi-the white can be deleted so the border has a transparent background)

$15 for the set! (payments and or questions can be sent via paypal to

(click to view larger)

(i say "borders" in quotes because they are not flattened layers with a cut out for your photo to go behind... they are 4x6 ratio with a 'shape' that can be swapped out or moved around-you simply place your photo above that layer and apply a clipping mask. voila!)

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jessica said...

Love these, and your cards and such... will you be offering another clearance special like you did last year? Thanks, Melany!