Friday, January 8, 2010

*NEW* Valentine's Day Templates!!

$24 for the 6 cards!! Paypal to

(click to view large) and as with all my templates--feel free to use them for other holidays or occasions. mix and match swap out elements etc... i don't care-as long as they are not re-sold as templates :) xo Happy Vday everyone)


Teri Mason Photography said...

how do we purchase these? they are adorable! thanks!

Melany Klink. Rochester NY said...

Sorry i still need to set up the "buy now" buttons to make buying easier :P You can pay via paypal to Simply sign into paypal and click on "send money"


Debbie Lavelock said...

Hi Melany,

Is there any 5x5 sizes in this collection?

Mariana said...

these are awesome! just purchased some !! Can't wait to receive them!!


Melany Klink. Rochester NY said...

Debbie-Yes 3 of the cards are 5x5, and 3 are 5x7 :)