Sunday, September 13, 2009

New "Holiday" Cards!! 2009

Okay, so I wasn't going to make any new cards this year, but started playing around with a few and liked them enough to create a new set.

$25 for whole set!

(click to view bigger)

-Yes i know they are not "Christmas-y" can change the colors if you'd like :P
or use them as birth announcements/save the dates/whatever :P
-Yes they are simple, i like them that way. Feel free to alter them however you'd like, add to them-take away, mix and match certain elements--i don't care :) (as long as you do not re-sell them)
-Fonts not included (words are flattened into one layer, if you'd like to alter the words, choose a new font :))

oh and thanks Bethany for letting me use these super sweet pics of Chloe in them :)


christina said...

how do i order these?

Melany Klink. Rochester NY said...

Hi Christina,
you can paypal $25 to and i will send you the link to DL the files.


dev said...

Hi Melany,
I'm interested in your newest collection of holiday card templates. How can I purchase them?

O. Joy said...

Hi Melany,
Got your info from your sis, Beth! Are these files workable in Elements? I have PSE5. Thanks!


dev said...

Hi Melany,
I went ahead and made a payment for the new holiday card templates (a week ago) and have not received anything yet. Can you send me an email and at least let me know what you have received the payment and plan to send the files?

christina said...

thank you melany, i am paying you now. Sorry I just checked back. thanks!

Abbie Payge Photography said...

Just sent payment! Thanks

Photography by Jennifer Howell said...

Hi Melany! I just sent the money via paypal for two sets. Can't wait to get the cards!

AllisonEsplinPhotography said...

Melanie-Thank you for being so great to work with... I am so excited to get my sets.

Michelle said...

Hi Melany, I'm sending payment for a set of cards as well. Thanks. :)

{Photography} by NOLINE said...

HI! I am 100% interested but need it asap. I would like it on a disc also if possible,though I also need to download now so can I get both? Also I just recently got cs4 and was wondering if it comes with instructions? I need to make these tonight or tomarow so please get back to me soon.Thank you so much!

{Photography} by NOLINE said...

You can send me a pay pal payment request at!

Adair said...

Hi Melany,
I just made a PayPal payment for the yellowish set of holiday card designs- will you be emailing me a link to download?