Monday, November 12, 2007

Textured Vintage Borders for sale!!

12 borders for $20.00!!

Borders are 4x6 and 200 ppi. Created in Photoshop CS.

I wanted to show a couple examples of how to use some of the borders...for the first two examples i placed the border over my photo and made it either black or white. Typical grunge border look. For the third one i placed my photo under the border and made the background behind the photo/border white. (The background behind all borders is transparent so that you may chose the color, and or place the border over a texture/patterned background..etc...)
Do not copy or re-sell the borders. Thank you! :)Examples of all 12 textured vintage borders
(ps. also included are a couple brushes i made of a staple, and a paperclip-just to add to the layered ones :) )
(click to enlarge)


shea-shea's mama said...

Hi- I am no wiz with a camera or photoshop, which you'll be able to tell from my question, but I'll ask anyhow. Can these be used within PS elements? I have v 5.0. Thanks in advance! I love 'em.

shea-shea's mama said...


I was just checking back- is there a better place to write you re this previous question. Thanks!!

Melany Klink said...

To be honest-i am not sure...i created them using Photoshop CS.

Sally Jane said...

Hi! I realize that this post is a year old, but do you still have these available? If so, how do I purchse them? Thanks!

Vanessa said...

I am so interested in these!!! Please tell me you still have them! They are beautiful!