Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holiday Cards NOW FOR SALE!!

10 cards for $20.00
20 cards for $30.00!-less than $2 each!

All cards are 5x7. created with photoshop CS
Feel free to add a date or names, or anything else to the cards. some of them only have a basic greeting. You may also change colors, add layers, duplicate layers, etc...go wild! I only ask that you do not copy the cards or re-sell the templates. Thank you and enjoy.
(most cards have certain layers flattened-because of brush owners request-others layers are open) Each card has guides to show exactly where your photo goes. ((my fav. way to alter the card is to click on the color background and just change the hue or saturation you can get a whole new look this way!)) Some are pretty classic/traditional, others are very non-traditional-my favorite :P
--Click on thumbnails to view larger--
(if you wish to see any even larger, feel free to email me-
(payments can be made by PayPal-
**simply list the cards numbers (1-50) and i will send you the links to dl the zipped files**
(ETA: Also-because the files take so long to dl, if you'd prefer i can put the files on a CD and mail it to you! Just let me know if you'd like it done that way instead :) thanks


shea-shea's mama said...

Your stuff is really sweet.

I've ordered our daughters announcements, birthday and now two years of holiday cards from the same place, looks like I know where I'll be ordering from next year.

I love your style (& I'm a fussy one). =0) So glad I came across your site.

Melany Klink said...

Thank you!!! :)